DataVision Project Discovery: 5-Day Assessment

Pivotal BI Limited

Provide a solid foundation for your Azure data-centric project with our robust project inception method.

Are you considering a greenfield data analytics initiative or the replatforming of an existing system?

This Azure data project discovery starting at 5 days duration will provide requirements, in-depth analysis, design and planning, allowing you to:

  • Proceed with a project definition that is thorough but not burdensome
  • Employ future-proof architectures that consider all requirements
  • Identify the best approach for rationalisation of existing data assets
  • Forecast cloud overheads by defining a cost model for the future estate
  • Leverage Agile methods to start delivering value to your users early and often
Our data analytics advisors work with you, employing our cloud data project discovery to define requirements, architect your solution and allow you to proceed in a timely manner with agility across all elements of your project lifecycle. By better understanding your existing data assets they will determine how best to incorporate a cloud-based solution. A cost model will also be defined that reflects the future operational overheads of running those assets in the cloud.

What does our method provide?

Discovery: Identification of business and IT requirements, both current and future, at all levels of your organisation, together with their value propositions, priorities and risks. Analysis: Architectural and organisational investigations focusing on areas agreed with you, such as business processes, data integration, security, data quality, scalability, self-service needs and availability. Recommendations: Solution designs, roadmaps, cost estimates and planning based on current and desired future state.
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