Predica Cloud Governance 2-Wk Workshop


During our workshops, we will develop the Cloud Governance Framework for your organization and build plan for adoption and deployment.

"The workshop answers the basic questions: What is it, why does your organization need it and how to build it on the Azure platform? Our offer is for companies that want to start their journey in the cloud, but have concerns and/or questions. That workshops will dispel all doubts.

Day 1

Project kick-off, defining the required key persons on the client's team side, scheduling the workshops and their scope/agenda.

Days 2 - 7

Project workshops that discuss the areas covered by the Cloud Governance Framework based on agreed scope and agenda.

Documentation of the outcome of the workshop, supplementing the decision on implementation recommendations for individual Microsoft Azure services and mechanisms.

Providing technical implementation details and references.*

Build-up of governance implementation plan and its backlog in Azure DevOps.

*Predica needs 10 working days for preperation of documentation.

Day 8 - 9

The final workshop presenting the Cloud Governance Framework and implementation plan.

Day 10

Summary workshops driven by Predica team. Presentation of governance implementation plan based on backlog in customer Azure DevOps instance.


  • Project work is performed as a consultative work; no implementation work is foreseen.
  • The customer will ensure the availability of key persons within their team.
  • The customer's team will have adequate knowledge of the customer's environment.
  • The detailed schedule, according to the project, will be defined with the client.
  • The pricing factors which might change estimated pricing are travel and additional organization requirements.
  • For on-site delivery travel and expenses will be added on top of service price.

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