Information Protection & Governance: 12-Wk Implementation

Pricewaterhousecoopers (Dubai)

Proactively secure, protect, classify, and monitor data as they travel between users, devices, applications, and services within and beyond the organisation using Azure Information Protection

Azure Information Protection (AIP) is central to an effective sensitive data management (SDM) program. It is a cloud-based solution for Information protection and Data Governance enabling organisation to Classify, Protect and Govern data – throughout its lifecycle.

PwC designs, establishes and builds a SDM program solution which offers visibility into where sensitive data resides, control of data as it travels inside and outside the organisational perimeter, and unified approach to discover, classify, label and protect sensitive data.

We have built our service offerings in a multi phased approach. These service offerings can be performed independently, but the most value is achieved when our clients step through them sequentially:

1- Current state assessment - Perform a current state assessment to identify Sensitive Data Management (SDM) capability gaps and develop a roadmap of initiatives to achieve desired target state.

2- Process enhancements - Identify, design and confirm use cases to enable technology capabilities such as Sensitive Data Scanning and Labeling, Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and Data Rights Management. Define processes to enable SDM program capabilities and define governance structure along with roles and responsibilities.

3- Solution design - Develop a roll-out and adoption plan for each solution capability (e.g., DLP). Conduct a phased deployment and roll-out of the capabilities. Assist to operate and mature SDM program by formalising processes, controls, and metrics.

As a proven Microsoft partner, our approach is closely aligned with Azure’s information protection technologies to ensure that your information security risks are mitigated in alignment with global best practices. We have an in-depth knowledge of these tools and how improved visibility, enforced governance and reduced cost can work for you. Whatever stage you are on in your information protection journey, we work with you to ensure you get the most out of your capabilities.

At PwC, we have achieved Gold status for all 18 Microsoft Competencies, ensuring that we deliver only to the highest possible standards. By assessing your current gaps, we will ensure that your information protection capabilities are optimised for your business. Final pricing and timelines will be aligned to your specific requirements.