Portfolio rationalization of your cybersecurity capabilities aligned with Azure security technologies : 8 week assessment

Pricewaterhousecoopers (Dubai)

Simplify your portfolio to reduce the cost and complexity of your environment and rationalise your current technology stack

Cybersecurity doesn’t have to be complex. The objective of this portfolio rationalisation effort is to simplify your portfolio to reduce the cost and complexity of your environment, Every extra tool you have is an extra tool you manage - our clients often have redundant tools that cost them time and money.

Utilising a collaborative workshop based approach, PwC’s Portfolio Rationalisation holistically assesses your organisation’s security capabilities across the enterprise to identify areas of improvement and facilitate the adoption of Azure and Microsoft 365 cybersecurity technologies and capabilities to Utilise, Rationalise, and Optimise your cybersecurity technologies.

As a proven Microsoft partner, our approach is closely aligned with Azure’s security technologies to ensure that your security architecture aligns with global best practices. We have an in-depth knowledge of this tools and how security, cost optimization, operational excellence and performance efficiency can work for you. Whatever stage you are on in your security journey, we work with you to ensure you get the most out of your capabilities.

PwC’s portfolio rationalization is an 8-week assessment of your organization’s cybersecurity technologies that includes the following activities:

  • Help leveraging the full potential of tools and optimise your security spend by identifying solutions within your current product stack which are underutilised
  • Collaborate with you through interactive workshops to rationalise security solutions to reduce security spend by identifying/eliminating redundant capabilities
  • Identify opportunities for integration between your existing technologies
  • Through the rationalisation process, PwC will identify opportunities to help optimise the usage of your existing technologies
  • Identify which gaps in the current security landscape can be addressed with your existing technology stack

At PwC, we have achieved Gold status for all 18 Microsoft Competencies, ensuring that we deliver only to the highest possible standards. By assessing your security technologies, we will ensure that your security capabilities are optimised for your business. Final pricing and timelines will be aligned to your specific requirements.