Fellowmind - Building Cloud Capabilities: 1-2 days workshop

Fellowmind Denmark A/S

This program facilities your cloud journey and make your transition to Azure a sustainable success, building the desired human- and organizational capabilities.

Microsoft Azure brings a lot of value - if you build the right capabilities

Microsoft Azure provides a wide range of desired business advantages like democratization of IT cloud services, with easy access to new services.

Microsoft provides the Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure as a guidance that's designed to help you create and implement business and technology strategies for the cloud. It provides best practices, documentation, and tools.

The framework points towards three keys to a successful transition to Azure

  1. The adoption of digital technology, that has the capability to transform the business.
  2. Pursue excellence in knowledge and skill sets that translate into cloud-literate people - human capabilities.
  3. People doing appropriate types of work in alignment with clear processes and roles in a suitable organization - organizational capabilities.

You need human- and organizational capabilities

In short cloud adoption can't happen without well-organized people.
Successful cloud adoption comes from skilled people doing appropriate types of work.
This work is in alignment with clearly defined roles in a well-managed environment.
To deliver an effective operating model for the cloud, it's important to establish appropriately staffed organizational structures.

How this program create value

Our Building Cloud Capabilities program facilities your cloud journey and make you transition to Azure a sustainable success.

  • You will be able to get to the highest state of maturity with us as partner.
  • We will support you in building a mature setup with your own Cloud Center of Excellence and bring the full value from Azure.
  • We will guide you from the beginning with an assessment of the current skills and organizational maturity, to the end where the result will be properly skilled people doing the appropriate types of work in alignment with clearly defined roles and processes.
  • Our workshops and individual learning plans will make sure that your current staff build the relevant capabilities.
  • Our workshops and organizational transformation plans will help you design and implement the recommended organization.