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Data Consulting Service: 1-Day Assessment


Data Consulting Service: 1-Day Assessment

Helping you make complete and insightful sense of your data

Did you know you are sitting on a stash of gold? Yes, it's your data that we are talking about. Your business has been collecting data for years and years in the hope that it could be used someday. That someday is today. Our expert Data Consultants can help you elastically manage your data in Azure Cloud that flexes from megabytes to petabytes. With our proven methodology and reference architecture, we will create a strategy, roadmap, and implement a solution that is secured, fast, and reliable, focusing on your business needs.

What we bring to the table: * Expert Skills: To build your data assets or work collaboratively with you to build them out * Reference Architecture: Covering all typical architecture views, there to help get your head around the technologies and assure your architects * Common Patterns: Ways of working to solve typical challenges * Sample Applications: Simple applications implementing some of the common patterns to get you up and running fast * SecDevOps: Continuous Integration and deployment to automate your platform

Agenda: Your data tells a lot about your customers, prospects, and business as a whole. Our data scientists and Azure analytics specialists can help you demonstrate how your business data could unfold a lot of hidden insights of your business, which can, in turn, help you to strategize and perform business more efficiently and profitably. Our technical team assisting you with 1-day call shall be:

  • Assessing your business data
  • Assessing the current technical infrastructure, configuration, and workloads
  • Assessing various dependencies
  • Understanding various data ingestion sources

Deliverables: You will receive a detailed report containing the following after the call within three business days: * A brief understanding document of your business * An interdependency map of resources * Sample reports with sample data * Time & effort