Scaling Azure DevOps: 2 Day Workshop

Productive Edge

Identify gaps, waste and inefficiencies in your current design and development process while defining a future state design and DevOps operating model for executing rapid innovation.

Productive Edge will help you streamline your User Experience Design and Development process by efficiently adopting DevOps practices in Azure.

The offer includes 3 workshops with each being 4 hours in length.

Productive Edge conducts two pre-workshop readiness calls to focus in on the right project to use and identify the right teams and organizational representation.

Details for each of the workshops are below: One week post engagement, collected data will be unpacked and findings and recommendations will be presented. 

Day 1: Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) Value Stream Mapping. Workshop identifies the end to end SDLC process and the various parties involved within the organization. Bottlenecks and inefficiencies are identified across the entire software delivery pipeline.

Day 1 or 2: Requirements & Design Intake Deep Dive, Design Sprint Review Learn to execute data-informed design sprints from prioritized backlog to build more human-centered products. This workshop assesses the current maturity of the organization in incorporating design sprints and establishes a future requirements & UX design sprint process. 
Day 2: DevOps Deep Dive & Discussion. Assess the current maturity of the IT organizations’ adoption of DevOps processes and Azure tools while highlighting inefficiencies and waste. The workshop focuses on designing an optimal future state DevOps process. 1. Value Stream Map: existing organizational DevOps practices to redefined product prioritization methods and organizational maps (defined in Workshops 1 & 2) 2. Value-Added Tasks: identify any steps in the value stream that add little to no value, or which could easily be modified/automated 3. Process: Identify areas to streamline and merge existing processes to remove bottlenecks. 4. Technology: After designing future state, discuss Azure practices that can improve specific steps in the delivery model.