Business Application Modernization & Innovation with Azure: One-Hour Briefing


This briefing is for senior leaders & executives who are responsible for driving innovation and digital transformation within organizations.

At Prolifics, we believe that Digital Transformation (DX) & Customer Expericnece Transformation (CX) is not just about technnlogy. It is about People, Process, & Technology. It is about your current state, industry trends and desired future state. Combined with our experience, we can review your readiness check list and offer you several options for ways forward.

Please connect with us to discover how to utilize cloud to enhance your business applications to deliver greater value to your customers through digital capabilities and gain a competitive advantage.

  • What does Application Modernization & Innovation mean to us?
    • Increase the productivity of LOB
    • Cost efficiency of maintaining the app
    • Increase the velocity of delivering new features
    • Enable competitive advantage through the implementation of "New Business Model”
  • Incorporate Low Code/No Code & AI/ML within your business application
  • Multi-cloud considerations & why Azure
  • Benefits of using Prolifics as modernization & Innovation partner
  • How to get started with innovation & modernization program
  • A list of next steps

Reach out to us for your first briefing.