Infrastructure Managed Services Consulting: 12-Month Implementation


Let us help you align your Azure infrastructure with your business objectives, build environmental resiliency, ensure security & compliance, and proactively monitor & manage your environment. 

Modern IT is much more than servers and networks and needs to be considered as part of a broader technology framework for it to effectively become a business enabler.

Many organizations are experiencing challenges with their infrastructure. These include:

  • Lack of scalability: on-premises expansion often requires significant infrastructure and resource investments
  • Low resiliency: responding to infrastructure failures leads to downtime and/or data loss
  • Cyber and physical risk: cyberattacks, fire, water damage, theft, and hardware wear and tear can seriously impact on-premises infrastructure
  • Low technical expertise: lack of technical expertise and shortage of internal staff to manage on-premises infrastructure
  • Aging technology: falling behind in adapting new technologies and quickly responding to evolving business needs

With our expert guidance, you will learn how investing in Microsoft Azure cloud computing services can address your infrastructure challenges and bring beneficial outcomes aligned with your business goals and objectives. The Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform includes infrastructure as a service (IaaS), application developer tools, hundreds of cloud services, and supports many different tools including third-party software and systems. It is a comprehensive service that can help you achieve business outcomes including:

  • Performance & efficiency: build an infrastructural foundation to ensure all line of business applications run smoothly.
  • Reduced risks: build business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities more cost efficiently.
  • Security & compliance: ensure your business meets industry security and compliance requirements.
  • Improved business agility: allow you to quickly adapt to changes in the market and business needs.
  • Budget predictability: you will no longer need capital outlay for equipment, maintenance, upgrades and repairs to your infrastructure.

Our approach is a simple 3-step process:

  • Discovery: assess your current workload and build an implementation plan to ensure return on investment.
  • Level Up: build a resilient and reliable infrastructure in the cloud.
  • Managed Services: continuously improve your cloud infrastructure capabilities by adopting new technologies to respond to changing business requirements.

Once you have built a reliable infrastructure in the Azure cloud, we will help ensure that your business applications run smoothly and meet your needs with business specific enhancements (e.g. Internet of Things connectivity, artificial intelligence, and machine learning) with full business continuity and disaster recovery processes. We will help replace your servers with services to create infrastructure environmental resiliency and align your technology infrastructure with your business objectives, ensure security and compliance, and proactively monitor and manage your environment.

Price will depend on the complexity and scope of your infrastructure.