Intune Self ReEnrollment Portal: 2-Wk Implement.

Provectus Technologies GmbH

Intune User Self-ReEnrollment at any time without the need of IT Support

This 2-week implementation is for technical leaders and is partially held on-site at the client’s facility


Day 1

Review current Enterprise Mobility Management for further Intune integration.

Day 2

Focuses on Microsoft Intune, Conditional Access, Enrollment scenarios and security guidelines.

Day 3

Implementation of Azure WebApp to deploy User Self-ReEnrollment portal.

Day 4 to 6

Defining existing baseline iOS/Android to configure portal-based enrollment solution to provide User Self-ReEnrollment.

Day 7 to 9

Description and documentation of portal based step-by-step guidance. Testing device enrollment, re-enrollment and User Self-ReEnrollment process.

Day 10

Define and implement necessary reports.

Outcome of the Implementation

As an Outcome of the Implementation

  • users can enroll a device by them self to Microsoft Intune

  • users can re-enroll a device by them self to Microsoft Intune

  • IT can manage the User Self-ReEnrollment portal

  • IT can use reports to monitor re-enrollment process


The amount is based on a ten-day Consulting Service plus actual travel expenses. If additional add-ons to the User Self-ReEnrollment portal are needed, time/price could increase.