IoT Accelerator - Proof of Concept: 2 weeks


2 Week Accelerator to identify and build an IoT Use Case Proof of Concept that demonstrates the potential value gain of the IoT Ecosystem.


Creating an IoT Proof of Concept with Azure

Organizations have many assets they need to keep track of. Because, when you can gather information from these devices, you can generate actionable insights from them, leading to value-generating services that will help grow your business to the next level. Through this IoT Accelerator, we as Proximus act as your Trusted Advisor to help you implement an End-to-End Proof of Concept utilizing technologies such as Azure IoT Hub, Azure IoT Edge, Azure Containers and more


A document detailing the business use cases that were discussed, the chosen business case for execution, the steps taken towards proof of concept implementation (including technical architecture, consumption overview) and finally a business discussion to validate the Proof of Concept result.


Day 1 & 2: Business Case Selection & IoT Strategy

Day 3: Architecture Design

Day 4 - 7: Implementation

Day 8 - 9: Writing Documentation

Day 10: Presentation