DigitalKYC implementation: 10 weeks


Digital Counterparty Management solution for Individuals and Legal Entities in over 100 countries delivered on Azure / AKE and building on Microsoft Cognitive Services.

New trends in customer KYC Management

Clients want to consume services omni-channel, notably online. They expect a fluid experience with an immediate gratification. Companies therefore need to provide an invisible but at the same time also efficient and compliant KYC process in order to enable a successful client conversion. Here DigitalKYC is a key part of a digital client experience that drives engagement and revenue.

DigitalKYC Benefits

  • Automate and optimize KYC processes
  • Fast time to revenue with simple multi-jurisdictional, multi-product onboarding
  • Improve operational efficiency and reduce marginal KYC cost
  • Acquire customer in minutes
  • Fully automated procedure, no human interaction required
  • Omni-device approach with responsive user interfaces
  • Holistic solution comprising a variety of front tools including video recognition, ID verification and phone validation plus & scoring
  • Unique identity service providing real-time mobile network information
  • Improved data quality and integrity with standardized data documents & records

Delivery options

  • Build in .net core and operates on Azure Cloud Computing Services
  • Deployment of micro services / APIs via Azure Kubernetes Service

Key Modules

  • Use of Microsoft Cognitive Services, notably with Facial Recognition
  • Integration with Microsoft Dynamics as data source and destination
  • ID Document capture & verification; tests based on Liveness, Voice, Prints
  • Screening: Sanctions, PEP/MEP, Media, Web, etc.
  • Corporate Data Compilation: Automated collection plus structuring of Datasets & Documents
  • Address & Email verification
  • Client / Counterpart Risk Scoring
  • KY Transaction for Fraud, AML, TF detection