App Modernization 4 Week Implementation Fast Start

Pyramid Consulting, Inc.

Get ready to move your legacy application to the cloud with insights on the business impact, run costs, and technology benefits. 2022 Microsoft Partner of the Year Finalist - Inclusion Changemaker

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Propel Your Digital Transformation with Celsior Technologies, a division of Pyramid Consulting.

Modernize your applications to work with legacy systems of record. We help you take advantage of new user devices and interfaces together with back-end Azure PaaS/SaaS services. Let us digitally transform and elevate your business.

Confident modernization starts with strategy. Through interviews with your team we’ll discover and validate the business and IT goals for the application. We’ll also perform an application code analysis to assess the current state and complex business logic.

This pre-work will inform our deliverables, including an actionable modernization design, plan and estimated costs to re-architect and run the application to match your business and resource requirements.

Qualifying customers may be eligible for Microsoft funding to support these offers. Contact us for the statement of work and full details.

Intentionally Inclusive™
Celsior Technologies is committed to being an intentionally inclusive organization - meaning all people are provided with equal opportunity - and both the organization and its people realize their full potential.