Quadra Nubis : 2 day Azure WVD assessment

Quadrasystems.net (India) P Ltd

Nubis DaaS Assessment helps you to leverage Azure WVD and benefit from enhanced end user experience, lower costs, greatly reduced manageability while addressing security and compliance regulations.

When all of your applications are moving to the cloud, why is your desktop still on-premise, hobbled by decades old deployment and management tools? Moving your desktops to the cloud can free your business from traditional encumbrances, while addressing current and future security and compliance needs. The Quadra Nubis Azure WVD Assessment helps you plan for an optimal desktop virtualization experience to leverage the power of Azure cloud.

During the assessment, we will help you to understand how Azure WVD can help you to:

  1. To expand capabilities with the best virtualized end-user experience 
  2. Realize more efficient and simplified management
  3. Ensure security and modernization with a standardized, global cloud
  4. Significantly reduce costs without compromising user experience

Post the 2-day assessment, take advantage of our end to end services, starting from assessment, planning, to architecture design and implementation. With our comprehensive managed services and multi-cloud management platform, we make sure that you have a holistic solution that puts your business needs first.