Telstra Managed Public Cloud


Leverage our team of experts and leading Cloud Management technology to complement your in-house capability.

We install our leading Cloud Management layer on top of your cloud infrastructure. This enables our expert team to effectively perform day-to-day management, monitoring, and essential security-related activities.

  1. Security patching Quarterly security patching with 30 days’ notice. Critical patches are applied as soon as they are available.

  2. Antivirus management Included for each supported operating system, with effective protection against malware and viruses.

  3. Security hardening Hardening the operating system reduces each server’s attack surface by disabling any non-required functionality.

  4. Enhanced support service Handles service requests such as incidents, events, and alarm management. Configuration and asset management tasks can also be supported.

  5. Analytics and reporting Includes service level reporting and read-only access to comprehensive server performance data through our online portal.

  6. Pro-active monitoring Covers CPU, disk space, memory utilisation, plus prioritised issue resolution with Virtual Machines.