Azure Modern Data Platform: 1-hour briefing


An introduction to enabling better, faster, simpler decision-making with a Modern Data Platform built on the Azure Synapse and Power BI platforms.

Single Source of Truth with Azure Synapse

  • Does your team struggle to easily access critical data assets?
  • Do you often encounter disparate numbers when speaking to different departments within the organisation?
  • Are you able to make data-led decisions in order to achieve your strategic business needs?

    Discover how your business can achieve a single-source-of-truth with Azure Synapse by consolidating, harmonising, and quality-assuring data from across the organisation via modern, metadata-driven, and controlled data engineering and data operations practices.

    Join our Director, Jon Tippell for a 1-hour discussion focusing on the opportunity for a Modern Data Platform within your organisation and the next steps to enabling better, faster, simpler decision-making by unlocking the true value of your data