Artificial Intelligence: 4-hour Briefing


Organizations can start their AI journey with the help of AI experts at Cluster Reply

With the support of our experts, Cluster Reply will provide 4 hours of briefing on how our Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning services based on Microsoft Azure could help satisfy actual customers’ needs. Below are some interesting use cases to analyze during the briefing where our ML & AI experts use Cognitive Service and Machine Learning approaches: o Form Recognizer: the ability to search & extract data from different documents and write them in a readable format (i.e., CSV or JSON) o Custom vision: Searching for objects of interest inside pictures (i.e., labels or markers to identify the thing) o Anomaly detection: finds anomalous data points within a data set (i.e., looking for anomalies in production output data stored in a SQL database) o Time-series analysis: understanding how data varies over time to conduct forecasting and monitoring (i.e., new production equipment efficiency) o Natural language processing: processes and studies natural language, recognizing words, their meaning, context, and the narrative (i.e., converting speech into text for automatic subtitles generation)

This briefing is designed for technical and non-technical users to understand the AI & ML framework and define a roadmap to adopt it.