Rock Your Cloud DW with Snowflake: 2 Weeks PoC


Snowflake Proof of Concept will allow you to properly evaluate modern cloud data warehouse against your incumbent solution and it will demonstrate the full potential of Modern Analytics Solution.

It’s time to replace your data warehouse. Waiting days or even weeks to analyze your data is no longer acceptable. Your executive team wants real-time insights to match the pace of business, and your data scientists are frustrated by limitations placed on their queries and the inability to load, transform and integrate semistructured data.

Snowflake cloud data warehousing offers a new way to think about what’s possible when you move from on-premises to the cloud.

PoC guidelines

We use guidelines and best practices for setting up a PoC approach that help you to properly evaluate a modern cloud DW against your existing solution. These criteria represent the features and benefits that your business needs in order to compete in a data-driven world. With scalability, concurrency and access to all of your data, speedy and accurate decisionmaking become a piece of cake.

  • Concurrency testing
  • Scalability
  • Software lifecycle
  • ETL and BI workloads
  • Semi-structured data

Each of these criteria may be impossible to test with your existing system. But they represent the future for data-driven organizations and the gold standard for today’s modern cloud data warehouse.

PoC key takeaways

During PoC we will define scope and success criteria for Snowflake PoC. The result of PoC will include the end-to-end solution. The key elements are:

  • Running Snowflake Instance
  • Data Pipelines (ETL/ETL) that loads data for the specific business use case
  • Staging and Business data warehouse layers
  • Development and Production Snowflake Environment
  • Business transformation logic
  • Business Intelligence Integration