Cloud application migration: 2 days workshop (PL)

R Systems Computaris Poland Sp. z o.o.

2 days hands-on workshop for companies planning hybrid cloud in their application infrastructure. During workshop we will migrate enterprise class application from on-prem to Microsoft Azure. PL/EN

Workshop for IT professionals with hands-on migration existing on-premises workloads and resources, including virtualized Windows and Linux machines, to the cloud, in particular to the Microsoft Azure. Participants will learn how to evaluate an existing on-premises environment in preparation for migration to the cloud. They'll also learn how to monitor, optimize, Azure-based workloads to maximize return on investment (ROI), and use Azure services to protect and manage virtual machines, applications, and data. Training delivery in Polish or English. Day 1

  1. Cloud Migration – Business Motivations, Goals and Outcomes
  2. Discovery and Assessment
  3. Lab – Discover and Assess the On-Premises Environment
  4. Data and Database Migration
  5. Lab - Migrate On-Premises SQL Server Database to Azure SQL Managed Instance
  6. Overview of Azure Migrate Server Migration
  7. VMware - Agentless and Agent-based Migration
  8. Securing Migrated Workloads

Day 2

  1. Lab – Replicate Virtual Machines to Azure
  2. Datacenter Migration using Microsoft Migration Factory
  3. Azure Backup Overview
  4. Implementing Azure IaaS Backup
  5. Azure to Azure Site Recovery
  6. Application Disaster Recovery
  7. Lab: Whiteboard Design Session a. Review a case study to identify customer needs and potential objections for a migration scenario. b. Design a migration proof of concept solution that includes discovery and assessment of the environment and recommends services for implementing the migration.