Satalyst Enhanced Bot 2 Hour Workshop

Satalyst Pty Ltd

Guided by Satalyst experts we will work through opportunities for automating customer forms and data collection using bots and work through real life success stories.

Bots and AI present a huge opportunity for companies to streamline collection of customer data which was previously managed by complex and cumbersome forms. Satalyst's 2 hour workshop will guide you through the use of bots and their application to your business.

Workshop Activities During the workshop Satalyst will work with you to understand your business and identify opportunities to use bots for automated information collection both internally and externally from customers. Satalyst will explain how the Satalyst Enhanced Bot framework can accelerate data collection bot delivery and customer rollout.


  • Prioritised list of automation opportunities
  • Next steps recommendation
  • Proposal for Satalyst Enhanced Bot delivery