Azure Landing Zone - Std: 2-Week Implementation

Sentinel Technologies Inc.

Sentinel will design and implement base connectivity, access control, logging & monitoring for Azure.

This Azure professional service includes:

  • Basic architecture and strategy for connectivity, governance, security, monitoring, and access control in cloud native or hybrid environments

  • Standard internet connectivity for IaaS resources through VNets and VPN Gateways

  • Governance through Azure AD resources such as Management Groups, Subscriptions, and Policies

  • Security and Monitoring using native tools for log aggregation and monitoring such as Azure Sentinel, Azure Monitor, and Security Center

Implementation of:


  • Up to 3 VNets

  • Up to 9 Subnets

  • Up to 2 VPN Gateways

  • Up to 5 NSGs

  • Integration with NVAs

  • Up to 3 UDRs

  • Dynamic routing

Access Control

  • Up to 2 Custom Roles

  • Up to 5 Azure AD Cloud Users

  • Up to 2 Azure AD Cloud Groups


  • Up to 2 Management Groups

  • Up to 2 Subscriptions

  • Up to 2 Policies


  • Up to 10 VMs on boarded to Azure Security Center and Azure ATP

  • Up to 3 1st Party Connectors configured with Azure Sentinel


  • Up to 10 VMs on boarded to Azure Monitor

  • Up to 5 alerts configured including cost based alerts