Azure SQL Migration: 1-Day Assessment

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Cloud Migration is a key first step in cloud transformation. In this assessment, we will help you to identify which of your data workloads can be migrated to the cloud.

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Siili Azure SQL Migration Assessment helps you to evaluate your data assets for cloud migration. We will perform an evaluation of your SQL databases and plan a migration path to the Azure SQL Platform.

Why Migrate? Cloud offers many benefits from cost reduction to the reduced carbon footprint. Migration and modernization triggers include end of older SQL server support, expired data center contracts, capacity needs, compliance, and innovation needs. Migrating your on-premise data assets to Azure is a pathway to AI Capabilities.

##Agenda for the workshop

Pre-call Planning

1-hour call to identify your needs and evaluate the extent of your data assets. Discuss the workshop in more detail to gather initial business requirements and expectations.


Introduction to Azure Cloud Platform and it's key capabilities as a data platform. A hands-on evaluation of SQL Servers and databases.


On-premise database assessment. Single database migrated to Azure

Disclaimer: In certain cases database contains features which are not compatible with Azure SQL Databases, In this case, we will evaluate the needed changes to the database instead of migrating it.

Siili Azure Studio

Price is an estimate, traveling and accommodation costs are added if you are outside Helsinki Metropolitan area.

PS: Nothing comes easy. Be prepared to accept the challenges in migrating the application or data. No worries though, we are here to help you...