Azure App. Modernization


Application modernization is the process of updating an organization's existing apps to a cloud-first model—sometimes called legacy modernization.

App modernization on Microsoft Azure provides several key benefits. 1) scalability by leveraging the cloud's elastic resources, enabling applications to handle increased workloads without upfront infrastructure investments. 2) cost-effective, as Azure's pay-as-you-go model allows for optimized resource allocation, scaling based on demand, and reduced infrastructure costs. 3) enhanced performance by leveraging Azure's global network of data centers, reducing latency and providing features like CDNs
and load balances. 4) enhanced security through built-in controls, compliance certifications, threat detection, and data encryption capabilities. 5) promotes agility and innovation by embracing modern technologies such as containers, server less computing, AI, and IoT, enabling rapid feature delivery and staying competitive. 6) Azure's support for hybrid scenarios and seamless integration with DevOps tools facilitating gradual migration processes.