Azure Cost Management Analytics: 4-Week Implementation

Smartbridge, LLC

Support your multi-cloud or hybrid cloud architecture with a Power BI solution accelerator to manage spend on underutilized resources.

Smartbridge professional service offering for managing costs associated with multiple Azure implementations or subscriptions

  • Consolidate and simplify the analysis of cloud costs across your multiple Azure implementations.
  • Eliminate the manual consolidation of your cloud cost data.
  • Analyze your costs and manage your cloud budget versus actual to optimize your cloud resource utilization and associated costs.

Today, most data management solutions use hybrid or multi-cloud deployment to leverage each of their respective competitive advantages for specific business needs. While the benefit of using different cloud or on-premises solutions far outweighs the shortcomings, we find ourselves not having clarity on the actual costs without doing some extensive analysis for each different solution provider and spending time providing a full picture of the total cost for leadership review.

The best solution to this problem is to build a report which can ingest cost-related data for all your different cloud or on-premises solutions and show it in one spot instead of having to chase down the cost analytics reports specific to each solution. This report provides key metrics associated with costs and a clear picture of the current financial state of your data management stack.

To maximize the efficiency of your Azure cloud instance or your hybrid cloud architecture, Smartbridge offers a service that includes a solution accelerator built on Power BI. We call it the Multi-Cloud Cost Management Analytics Solution, and it consolidates and simplifies the analysis of cloud costs across the major cloud platforms.

Solution Accelerator Features:

  • Track, consolidate, and analyze cloud costs across the primary cloud platforms
  • Total cost overview as well as detail by each cloud
  • Time intelligent cost metrics and tracking
  • Access a content library for cloud best practices
  • Add your own feedback to share with others
  • Filter and drill down into low level details

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