Backup for Hybrid Environments- 2 Week PoC

SNP Technologies

SNP’s 2-week PoC focusses on backup for your hybrid environment with Microsoft Azure.

Week 1: Discovery & Assessment:

  • Overview of the customer’s business objectives regarding the backup solution
  • Overview of the customer’s existing application running the backup solution
  • Walk-through of existing backup solution Identifying the dependencies for the application infrastructure


  • Presentation of the discovery results
  • Proposed solution architecture
  • Reference documentation & video snippets

Week 2: Design & PoC

*SNP architects consolidate the results from the assessment phase and delivers the proposed process flow, checklists, architecture reports with detailed recommendations. * High level design blueprint of the backup solution * PoC deployment

Deliverables: * Backup infrastructure setup * Detailed documentation on infrastructure management * Test results and recommendations