Application Migration to Azure : 3-wk Assesment


With a detailed assessment of your application & infrastructure, business needs & requirements, we will evaluate your Cloud Readiness and provide you with a clear strategy and roadmap to Azure.

Scalability, security, flexibility. Take fully advantage of the Cloud and modernize your application. SoftFluent can accompany you on this journey by giving you concrete solutions and recommendations.

Our approach starts with a complete assessment and ends with detailed reports (see below). Throughout this process, our experts will work closely with your team and give you guidance to take informed decisions. This mission is carried out by experienced consultants.

Three steps to assess your Cloud Readiness :

  1. Application Assessment Based on the evaluation of your system and software architecture, infrastructure, business requirements (use, availibity requirements, SLA, etc.), actual and future constraints. We organize workshops with key stakeholders.

Cloud migration involves a significant transformation of business processes. This assessment gives you the keys to take the right decisions in light of your business requirements.

  1. Migration : strategy and plan Our experts will determine if your application is Cloud Ready and define the Cloud strategy best suited to your needs.

  2. Knowledge transfer
    We present you the migration plan with the suggested architectures and other deliverables :

  • actionnable report and concrete recommendations,
  • roadmap and next steps,
  • data migration strategy,
  • estimation cost (implementation and recurring costs).

This assessment can be completed by the implementation and deployment of your application in Azure.

Why SoftFluent ?

SoftFluent is a Microsoft Gold Partner since 2005 and our consultants are experts on Microsoft Technologies including Cloud Computing and specifically Azure. We worked with various organizations at different stages of their Cloud Migration strategy. It enables us to have a comprehensive view of the issues organizations can face.

It is important for us to provide a practical and proactive support.