Azure Cloud Governance MVP: 2-Week Implementation

SoftServe Inc.

Enable initial Cloud Governance to your Azure deployment and evaluate it in terms of following Microsoft best practices and compliance regulatory standards .

About SoftServe

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About Cloud Governance MVP

SoftServe's Azure Cloud Governance MVP cloud accelerator is designed to seamlessly introduce you to the Azure Cloud Governance principles. Accelerator’s automation tool is designed to deploy CORE audit-only cloud governance in structured and repeatable way, with ability to scale in terms of governing additional products/organizations and incorporating additional functionality using modules. That accelerator comes with a pre-defined list of policies and practices, all of which are grounded in the best practices of Microsoft's Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF).

At the end of the engagement, you will have:

  • Clear vision of all CAF governance disciplines
  • Deployed and adopted Cloud Governance MVP on audit-only mode
  • Controlled and predictable cost management
  • Identified ways to boost cloud cost efficiency
  • Current state in terms of following Azure best practices and compliance regulatory standards
  • Integrated Cloud Governance MVP with CI\CD process
  • Actionable plan to enable Cloud Governance in full-scale Production deployment.


Week 1

  • Overview of the Azure Cloud Governance, concept, disciplines and use cases
  • Requirements gathering and design workshop
  • Initial Cloud Governance MVP deployment

Week 2

  • Cloud Governance MVP adoption and final deployment
  • Integration with CI\CD
  • Knowledge sharing and documentation
  • Cloud Governance MVP outcomes review


  • Introduced Azure Cloud Governance concept and disciplines
  • Provisioned Cloud Governance MVP in audit-only mode
  • Governance automation integrated with CI\CD
  • Knowledge sharing and Q&A sessions
  • Full-scale governance enablement roadmap

The price quoted is indicative and will vary depending upon the actual complexity and scope.