Azure VMware Solution Readiness: 3-Day Assessment

SoftServe Inc.

Understand Azure VMware Solution and how it can benefit your business and speed up your cloud adoption. Gain confidence and get recommendations on the next steps.

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About Assessment

Adopting Azure VMware Solution (AVS) enables you to scale rapidly, improve elasticity, make maintainability more efficient, decrease time-to-market for products, and mitigate risks in case of disasters. At the same time, it allows to leverage existing investments and expertise to optimize TCO over the time. AVS Assessment helps your organization to understand how hybrid cloud solution fits into your strategy and estimate expected benefits. Our experts will analyze your business goals and current infrastructure readiness for cloud adoption. As a result, you will receive readiness report and list of activities required to successfully adapt AVS in your organization. Going with AVS readiness assessment you will be able to avoid unexpected costs as well as reduce time, expenses, and risk during cloud adoption.


Day 1:

  • Assessment kick-off
  • 1-hour interview with client stakeholders to understand the objectives and goals
  • Determine the client’s actual problem and if it can be solved with AVS

Day 2:

  • Collect infrastructure inventory information
  • 1-hour interview with client technical teams to collect current state infrastructure setup for assessment
  • Analyze collected data and identify gaps
  • Identify dependencies and complexity
  • Define the high-level AVS sizing
  • Estimate AVS TCO

Day 3:

  • Assessment results and findings presentation
  • AVS adoption costs breakdown
  • Presenting proposed roadmap and next steps, explaining how AVS can fit into the client’s cloud adoption roadmap, accelerate their cloud transformation


  • One presentation including: AVS readiness report, proposed planning and budget estimation for next steps defined.