Azure Optimisation Service: 5-Wk Assessment

Software Optimisation Services Pty Ltd

Detailed analysis of current Microsoft Azure consumption and costs with recommendations on best future purchasing options for up to 500 servers (including physical and virtual)

This 5-week assessment is for businesses that want better visibility of their cloud assets, consumption, and costs.

The assessment consists of 3-phases:

#####Kick-Off: In an interactive 1-hour meeting we'll seek to understand your current and future state. Review your migration status and current monitoring practices.

#####Discover: In the discovery phase, we inventory all Microsoft software across your on-premises and cloud infrastructure to provide a baseline.

Then over a 4-week period, Cloudyn is used to continuously monitor all Microsoft Azure workloads.

#####Decide: Following the monitoring period, the data collected is analysed by SOS Consultants to provide insights into your current Microsoft Azure consumption.

We meet with you to review our findings. Reach an agreement on recommendations and prioritise workloads to drive action post-discovery.

###Deliverables: At the end of the assessment period SOS will present a report detailing:

  1. Daily/weekly/monthly spend v budget and inventory thresholds.
  2. Current state cloud assets and a view of all services being utilised including cost views.
  3. Current purchasing practices and recommendations on best future purchasing options to optimise cloud consumption.

The assessment can be done remotely and includes a 2-month Cloudyn subscription with the opportunity to extend at $5k per month for a continuous Cloud Optimisation managed service.