Data Driven Company Assessment - 4 weeks

Sopra Steria Norway

Establish data strategy and road map to reach vision of becoming a data driven company. Look at data sources, data quality, processes, culture, technology and people. Recommend a data platform.

Target Audience: CxO Level, CIO and IT-manager

Professional service: Assessment of current data strategy, data sources, processes, culture and competency in an organization. Classify data quality and discover use cases. Give an assessment and rate the possibility of using AI on top of a data platform. Gives input to a data strategy that should be included in the Business Strategy and IT-strategy. This is a starter pack and acceleration service towards transforming to data driven company.

Solution: An assessment and a report. Gives an draft for a business case for establishing a minimum viable product (MVP) for a data platform. The report gives input to the data strategy. Gives a recommendation for a reference architecture for a data platform in accordance with Microsoft best practices. The Data platform is fully automated and scripted with Azure DevOps, ARM-templates and Infrastructure as Code. The architecture includes Zero Trust Architecture, Azure Blueprints, Monitoring, Data Lake, Data Catalog, Databricks, Power BI, API Management and Kubernetes Service.

Outcome: A report containing

  • 1-2 use cases that can potentially give benefits to the business
  • assess the benefits and recommendation for building a Minimum Viable Product to verify the use case(s)
  • outline for a business case and recommendation of investment for a MVP
  • a recommendation of a suitable cloud platform and reference architecture for it.
  • a recommendations for the first step towards becoming a data driven company and how to gain business benefits by using AI
  • input to a data strategy to included in both the business strategy and IT-strategy.