Intelligent Factory: 2-Week Implementation

Stratus Innovations Group

Quickly and easily connect devices, controllers, HMIs, and edge-type software to a central IoT hub.

Utilizing IoT to Improve Manufacturing

The Internet of Things (IoT) promises to provide organizations with deep insight into their manufacturing processes. This insight can inform bottom-line financial improvements:

  • Process efficiency innovation
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Improved product quality
  • New service offerings
  • New revenue streams

But organizations face a major challenge implementing IoT solutions. Manufacturers often struggle to obtain end-device telemetry and alert data and then transmit it to a powerful, centralized Internet of Things (IoT) hub that processes and acts on the massive amount of data generated every day.

Benefits of Stratus Innovations Group's Intelligent Factory Solution Offering

Our Intelligent Factory Consulting Solution Offering is the answer. By utilizing our IoT Protocol Gateway Adapter™ intellectual property along with our Azure Platform as a Service IoT application development consulting services, you can be collecting device telemetry in 1-2 weeks with no down-time! Our IoT Protocol Gateway Adapter™ is a collection of software libraries can be installed or compiled on any platform to quickly and easily connect to a centralized IoT hub:

  • Devices that support disparate protocols (such as MQTT, AMQP, HTTPS, etc.)
  • Controllers and HMIs of any type
  • Other proprietary edge-type software

By leveraging Stratus Innovations Group IoT reference architecture and our IoT Protocol Gateway Adapter, manufacturers can implement IoT:

  • Faster and with less cost
  • With less risk
  • Without the need to develop custom connectors and gateways

Our singular focus and purpose is to help your business become more profitable and more efficient. Contact us today to bring the power of our cloud innovations to your organization!

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