Data platform Maturity:2-Weeks Assessment


Prior to invest in a new data journey or enlarging the scope of your we strongly recommend to run a maturity assessment of your current data capabilities vs your needs.

Running a fair gap analysis will lead you to a data project paved with strong foundations.

Architects / Data architects / BI professionals / CTOs / Business Lines


  • Data Governance & management, introduction to Azure Purview and why it could help your organization
  • Systems & Technology, introduction to Azure Analytics leveraging Cloud capabilities
  • Data Culture & Organization, know you best to start within the right Azure path for your Data platform
  • Analytics Capabilities, empowering your organization with Azure Databricks, Synapse, AI/ML
  • Use cases

A visual Microsoft PBI Dashboard showing the gap analysis on where you are and where you’ll be.

Why customers use our Data platform Maturity Assessment?
Comfort and/or Challenge existing choices.
From a blank sheet select the best products & governance to succeed in your data Analytics journey.
Realize the gap between your current capabilities and your ambitions.

Based on your preference, the assessment can be performed remotely or on-premises.