Azure Infrastructure as a Service: 3-Day POC

SyCom Technologies

Gain insight into your current infrastructure footprint and realize cost savings associated with running those workloads to Azure

This 3-day proof-of-concept is for technical leaders and decision makers. You will work with our experienced Azure architects to run proprietary, non-impactful assessment tools against your infrastructure to realize actual compute, network, and I/O utilization. Using this data, our Azure architect will work with you to identify workloads that can be migrated to Azure and their estimated consumption-based costs, leaving you with a roadmap for transitioning these workloads to the cloud.

While the assessment tools run, our Azure architect will work with you to build a functional proof-of-concept leveraging an actual Azure subscription to leverage Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Upon completion of the engagement you will have a functional read-only domain controller and file server residing in a Azure subscription with site-to-site connectivity.