Go2Azure Assessment: up to 3 weeks assessment

T-Systems Polska

IT environment assessment aimed at developing a sound feasibility study for migrating Customer's current IT infrastructure and applications landscape to the cloud.

GO2Azure Assessment is a service that is aimed to evaluate cloud readiness of Customer's current IT environment, advise on migration strategy and roadmap, and provide insights into financial aspects of migration project.

The engagement consists of two phases:

  1. The IT environment analysis when we scan Customer's IT infrastructure and application landscape, and create assessment report bringing out network flow analysis, dependencies among applications and workload patterns. Each system and application is scored on its readiness to be moved to Azure cloud, and potential remediations are indicated.
  2. Advisory services where we further analyze and fine tune gathered information to prepare detailed assessment report, advise on migration strategies and financial aspects of the migration and projected costs of new cloud environment. Finally, we help Customer develop a solid feasibility study for migrating its current IT infrastructure to the cloud.

Deliverables include:

  • Environment assessment​
  • Network flow analysis
  • Application dependency map
  • Cloud compatibility score
  • Application portability and re-architecture / re-deployment assessment
  • Cloud migration feasibility analysis​
  • TCO calculation​
  • License cost estimations
  • Cloud comparison​
  • Business case for cloud​ migration
  • Migration plan

Assessment has three different service levels:

  • Silver: Self service model - Customer can use our tools to assess its environment and has access to our tech expert for on call support (max 2 hours);
  • Bronze: Guided support model - Customer can do the assessment using our tools under the remote guidance of our tech expert.
  • Gold: All inclusive model - whole assessment will be conducted by us.

The duration of the assessment varies depending on the size of Customer's IT environment:

  • Small (0-50 VMs): 2 hours
  • Medium (50-250 VMs): 4-8 hours
  • Large (250-500 VMs): 3-5 days
  • Extra large (500-1000 VMs): 2-3 weeks