Tallan Data Science Modernization: 6 Wk Implementation


Tallan will modernize your workloads across machine learning, statistics, simulation, and more, reducing expensive licensing fees with on-demand Azure computing.

Performing data science on legacy systems can create a single point of failure. Modern data science technologies in Azure are designed to integrate with apps to create robust data solutions. Migrating to Azure enables internal and external teams to work together, increases model security and governance, enables new use cases, and deepens your hiring pool! Tallan's Data Science Modernization engagement is a 6-week partnership with your organization where you can expect the following:

Agenda: *Co-creation session to identify early workloads for modernization

*Execution of discovery work to understand context and user experience

*Deployment of required Azure infrastructure and technologiesneeded to facilitate modernization

*Modernize and deploy the first workload to a modern data science platform in Azure

Deliverables: *Executive brief outlining vision and modernization roadmap

*First model deployed to full production environment in Azure

*Coaching services to help upskill and support your team's adoption of this Azure-based solution

*Roadmap and ongoing support for new workloads in Azure & production environment

Pricing is an estimate and can typically utilize multiple Microsoft funding buckets to offset cost.