CAF Quickstart - 6 Day Workshop

Tangent Solutions

The Cloud Adoption Framework Quickstart engagement ensures the success of your platform & application modernization journey by designing your cloud architecture correctly, from the beginning.

Guarantee your cloud migration & adoption.

It is imperative for companies to develop a concise cloud adoption and migration strategy. The CAF Quickstart Workshop is two part education, one part assessment and one part recommendation. During the 6 day engagement we take customers through the following stages:

•Phase 1 -Define Strategy: Documenting the cloud strategy will help business stakeholders and technicians understand the benefits the organization is pursuing by adopting the cloud. •Phase 2 -Plan: Cloud adoption plans convert the aspirational goals of the cloud adoption strategy into action. It will help guide technical efforts, in alignment with the business strategy •Phase 3 -Ready: Ready establishes a cloud foundation or Adoption Target that can provide hosting for any adoption efforts. This should consist of common denominators across 80–90% of cloud adoption. •Phase 4: Govern: Policy definition ensures consistency across adoption efforts. Alignment to governance/compliance requirements is key to maintain a well-managed cross-cloud environment.

Day 1: • Introduction and overview of the Cloud Adoption Framework. • Strategy: o Identification of business motivations and outcomes. o Understanding and validation of business justifications o Identification of the first migration project. Day 2: • Develop a cloud adoption plan: o Inventory and rationalization of the digital estate. o Internal skills development and readiness plan. • Develop a cloud migration plan: o Landing Zone. o Migration plan for customer workloads. Day 3: • Govern: o Cost management. o Security. o Resource consistency. o Identity. o Deployment acceleration. Day 4 & 5: • Preparation of documentation. Day 6: • Findings and recommendations. • Landing zone architecture. • Cloud governance blueprint.