Secure SAP on Azure : 2-Hrs Briefing

TCS - Security

2 Hrs briefing on TCS Managed Security services offering leveraging contextual and pre-integrated solution for protecting SAP ecosystem on Azure

TCS Managed Services for Security with SAP on Azure

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SAP systems are crown-jewel and mission-critical applications for an organization because of the value they offer. They contain critical customer, financial, and product data. A breach of these systems may lead not only to data loss, but also major business disruption, reputational loss, legal implication and direct revenue impact. TCS Managed Services for Security with SAP on Azure is aligned with best practices for migration of SAP systems to Azure. It provides built-in care for security and compliance during movement of SAP workloads to cloud in a safe, secure and compliant manner at all stages in a managed services model.

TCS offers full-services cloud security solutions for SAP in the below areas, along with an in-depth security expertise: • Identity and access management

• Network security

• Infrastructure and data security

• Security information and event management (SIEM) and security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) with 360-degree views for application and infrastructure logs

These solutions are built leveraging native Azure Active Directory, Azure Firewall premium, Microsoft Defender for Cloud, Azure Vulnerability Management powered by Qualys, Azure WAF and DDOS and Microsoft Sentinel-based SAP connectors for comprehensive threat monitoring. TCS’ proven accelerators and frameworks enable SOAR automation for various threat monitoring use cases and custom dashboards facilitate threat and vulnerability management, best practices and design patterns for SAP-specific deployments. The solution covers end-to-end consulting, implementations and operations, and subsequently govern and extend phase of identity, security and compliance on the Azure ecosystem for SAP. TCS Managed Services for Security with SAP on Azure enable:

• Improved security posture

• Protection against threats

• Machine-First™ automation for detection of threats and remediation

• Secured and compliant SAP migration

• Real-time discovery and seamless remediation of threats and vulnerabilities