Microsoft Security Identity and Compliance : 2-Hrs Briefing

TCS - Security

TCS Managed and Integrated Services for Azure and Microsoft 365 Security, Compliance and Identity products

Building Cyber Resilience for Business Transformation

Business transformation powered by digital technologies has increased at a rapid pace globally in the recent past. Cloud adoption has increasingly become a key accelerator for building the Digital Core of an organization. While building the Digital Core, customers need to build a solid foundation to enable innovative business models considering the scale, native integration capabilities, performance, ease of operations, visibility, and compliance. During the transformation, it is critical to build a strong modern security foundation with rapidly evolving maturity based on core security principles and frameworks such as Zero Trust and compliance to industry standards. It is also essential to ensure that security solutions implemented are integrated seamlessly and provide a seamless end-user experience. TCS offers end-to-end solutions for Security, Identity and Compliance leveraging concepts of Zero Trust and based on industry standards including NIST. These solutions are powered by Microsoft’s integrated product suite across Azure Cloud and Modern Workplace. TCS’ offerings cover services including consulting and assessment, implementation, and operations. • Managed Security Services covering the core of the customers’ Security, Identity, and Compliance needs • Integrated Security Services based on specific security initiatives within customer organizations

TCS delivers the following benefits through its security offerings • Improved cyber resilience: TCS Managed Security, Compliance and Identity Services including 24x7 global coverage aligning to best practices of NIST and MITRE in the operations, with optimized and efficient operations using TCS’ Machine First philosophy.

• Contextual knowledge and partnerships: TCS brings strong contextual knowledge about each Industry best practices and strategic alliances with domain & technology partners

• Accelerator-based best practices and reduced total cost of operations: TCS’s proven and ready-to-use accelerators and frameworks to ensure best practices while implementation and automation at the core during operations to reduce human error and increase efficiency The assets include: a) Security advisory framework aligned to NIST and CIS benchmarks b) Azure automation accelerators like Sentinel-as-Code, Microsoft Defender for Cloud Pre-Built dashboards, Automated Alert remediation based on various attacks like brute force, password spray etc. c) Microsoft 365 automation accelerators like automated conditional access implementation, alert and incident remediation based on machine compliance, automated reporting for end user compliance, etc.