TCS Industry Copilots for Plant Operations on Azure: 8-Wk Implementation

Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.

TCS aims to help manufacturing customers adopt personalized copilots built using Microsoft Azure OpenAI to make manufacturing personnel more productive and enable agile and safe plant operations.

Generative AI has shown significant potential to become the most productive tool for individuals thus far. It helps to quickly acquire knowledge, automate standard and routine tasks, and in some cases provides expert opinion. This will significantly offload manual and laborious tasks so that individuals can more focus on the work which humans can only perform. We see major evolution of personalized Virtual Assistants and Copilots in the coming days to make humans more productive and deliver more value. Manufacturing is an industry which involves a lot of research, planning, efficient execution, proactive monitoring, optimization/correction, and safety considerations. Today, humans are heavily charged with these responsibilities. Cognitive load on the plant personnel and human errors has huge impact on the productivity, safe and agile operation of plants. TCS has decades of experience in the research and development of AI and Gen AI based technologies and solutions, and delivery of end-to-end digital manufacturing solutions. TCS has envisioned use cases across manufacturing value chain, from Product design development to Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing & Operations, Sales & Marketing, Distribution, and Aftersales & Services, which can benefit from Gen AI. We have reimagined a day in the life of all key manufacturing personas and developed points of views to demonstrate productivity and value delivery with the infusion of Gen AI leveraging Microsoft Azure . Product Design Engineers, Supply Chain Managers, Plant Operators, Field Engineers, Sales Executives, and Customer Care Executives are few personas to name. TCS is working with leading manufacturers across the globe in building personalized copilots that are very specific to the needs of individual enterprises and their workforce and have started influencing their ways of working and improving productivity. We have a tried and tested plan to fast track the adoption of industry copilots and deliver incremental value to our manufacturing customer. Industry Copilots Adoption Plan:

  1. ENGAGE – Copilot Adoption Kick-off: Ideate the day in the life of key manufacturing personas and identify use cases which can be enriched or transformed using Gen AI leveraging Microsoft Azure. Identify key stakeholder, and KRAs to be measured for success criteria.
  2. PREPARE - Readiness: Provision infrastructure resources and responsible AI guardrails.
  3. BUILD & DEPLOY – Copilots for Chosen use cases: Deliver Copilots for the chosen use cases and assess the impact on KRAs.
  4. REVIEW - Copilots Value: Review Copilots and impacted Key Result Areas with users and key stakeholders and gather feedback. Create a Minimum Viable Product based delivery plan for Enterprise roll-out.
  5. SCALE – Copilots across enterprise: Embark on the Enterprise wise Copilots adoption plan. Setup processes for Responsible AI and continuous improvements. Roll-out Copilots phase wise across BUs/Teams. Extend Copilots scope for implemented use cases and identify and deliver new Copilots. TCS is very passionate about infusion of Gen AI to make manufacturing more agile, safe, and sustainable. TCS Differentiation:
  6. Industry expertise and deep customer contextual knowledge across diverse segments of manufacturing.
  7. Thoughtfully curated, fit-for-purpose copilots for specific personas.
  8. A robust and balanced framework that incorporates various Gen AI patterns such as retrieval augmented generation, instructor-led tuning, and model fine-tuning.
  9. Enterprise AI at scale with our more than 100,000 associates trained in AI. References: