Custom Software Development: 2 Hour-Assessment

Tech Fabric LLC

Free 2-hour custom software development consultation with TechFabric Enterprise Architect and Chief Sales Officer

Learn about the possibilities and benefits of developing integrated custom software solutions through the power of Microsoft Azure. In up to two-hours we cover how a microservices and API-led connectivity approach, could potentially empower your business and achieve tangible results such as: increased revenues, productivity, customer loyalty, and eliminating manual processes.

Explore cloud strategy from forward thinking perspectives. For example, can Azure help you develop products faster, mitigate risk, and increase profit? Lastly, learn more about how our 10-Day Digital Transformation Workshop could potentially provide value to your organization.


  • Assessment of current technology stack and operational pain-points
  • Overview of how integrated solutions developed using Azure can empower digital transformation
  • Overview of key areas of software development including Azure Search, PowerApps, and more
  • Overview of microservices API lead approach
  • Systems integration.
  • Workflow and Robotic Process Automation
  • Question / Answer
  • Lastly, determine if your organization could benefit from a more in-depth assessment (TechFabric 10-day digital transformation workshop).


  •  1-2 hour consultation
  • Scope of Work outline of our 10-day Digital Transformation Workshop.

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