Upskill As A Service 1-Hr Briefing

Tech Mahindra Limited

Upskilling as a Service 1-Hr Briefing presents a new age learning framework which provide contextual and real time upskilling to your employees ensuring the right skills at the right time.

Training employees can be challenging for companies. Ensuring your employees are trained in Azure and up to date on their skills is important to keep IT standards compliant and ensure tools and data are used properly. Upskill as a Service is a Training platform that includes all the technologies to train your employees on Microsoft Azure.

Upskill as as Service helps organizations: - to onboard employees to get needed technology training in place, - track necessary certifications required - achieve certifications needed - and provide recommendations for future trainings.

This 1-hour Briefing outlines requirements needed by your organization to help you with training your employees based on your companies goals.

Briefing includes 1-hour discussion: Listen to customer issues on and around training Identify skills required to achieve goals and ensure Azure technology adoption is managed correctly
Provide overview of steps required to achieve companies training goals.