Azure4DevOpsQA: 3 Day DevOps Maturity Assessment

Testhouse Ltd

Assess your IT organisation’s DevOps maturity and generate an improvement roadmap to ensure you can effectively manage the Application Lifecycle of your Enterprise software investment based upon Azure

  • The 3 day Azure4DevOpsQA Maturity Assessment is focused on identifying, in an industry standard way, your present DevOps maturity and then providing a roadmap for moving your IT organisation towards the highest or "Aspirational" Level. The Assessment furthers establishes how the organisation can deploy processes and tools utilizing Azure in the most cost efficient way *
  • Testhouse, a Microsoft Gold Azure DevOps Partner, a thought leader and leading DevOps practitioner, can successfully deliver the Azure4DevOps Maturity assessment because we: *
  • Are one of the leading providers of DevOps DTDPS (Developer Tools Deployment Planning Service) Packs Globally
  • Re-use of our automated Test scripts for Dynamics and ERP suites quickly delivers automated regression tests for increased velocity
  • Our dedicated team of Microsoft-certified Azure DevOps and ERP consultants are available around the clock

What we do: *

  • Day 0: We send an initial DevOps questionnaire to understand your Development, QA and Operations teams prior to the engagement

  • Day 1: The Testhouse DevOps consultant comes onsite and conduct interviews. This is generally 1 day onsite with individual interviews lasting around 1 hour each

  • Day 2: Review questionnaires and develop findings report, establish maturity level and action plan

  • Day 3: Testhouse come back onsite and present the findings during a 1.5 hour presentation but also provide a roadmap for evolving your maturity level to enable enhanced management of the Application Lifecycle

Deliverables: *

  • DevOps assessment reports of the existing, updated systems & Azure
  • Optimized workflow process for internal/client projects
  • Tool Implementation for the Azure DevOps processes
  • Migration of existing data into the proposed toolsets
  • Automated Azure CI/CD pipeline
  • Client presentation, De-brief and Recommendation reports