IAM Architecture 3-Weeks Implementation

Toreon CVBA

Setting up a custom fitting IAM model to give your business the control it needs.

With our IAM Architecture implementation, we create an IAM Model with a Zero Trust approach, to facilitate the management of your digital identities. We turn to the business first and start off with getting the governance right and only then we look at the technology. We use Microsoft Identity Manager, Active Directory Domain services, Azure AD Connect or any other compatible identity solutions as tools to provide the control you need.

Our project consists of 12 steps in 4 phases:

Phase 1: Governance, Risk & Compliance We first look at what the business needs, what their risk appetite is and their critical assets. We set up a risk model, reflecting the type and level of risk your business is willing to face.

Phase 2: Foundation In this phase, we set a strong technical foundation to build our services on. This involves setting up the core management plan that allows us to manage and configure our IAM infrastructure. Then we decide the system of trust we use in our infrastructure.

Phase 3: Authentication, Authorization & Accounting We enable the mechanisms of authentication using the rules we created, decide on the conditions of authorization, and configure the accounting rules for your business.

Phase 4: ProvisioningWe create the objects that reflect our model, in the Azure Active Directory. Then we configure all the rules that govern the relationships between theses object: we implement the AAA model.