TTPSC: DevOps as a Service 2 Days' Workshop

Transition Technologies PSC S.A.

The purpose of this 2 Days' Workshop offering is to give an in-depth overview of Azure DevOps, DevOps methodology and our DevOps as a Service offer.

If the answer to any of these questions is yes:

  • Do you think you are paying too much for your resources, or do you have the feeling that it can work better or faster?
  • Does your company struggle with a long time from development to market release of your solutions?
  • Does it take weeks to implement each change?

It means that you should take part in our DevOps as a Service Workshop. It will give you access to experienced professionals who will tell you how to implement changes in your daily work to improve it by following the DevOps methodology.

Business needs and challenges

There is no modern business without IT of which all crucial elements are using software, servers, or some kind of code. In order to stay competitive, your system has to be reliable, and any changes need to be implemented as fast as possible, without the risk of downtime. All parts of this puzzle need someone to take care of them in order to work properly.

Without qualified professionals, your business could be at risk of serious losses. However, hiring and retaining people with the right experience is difficult and expensive, and that is the reason why we are looking for a way to sort this problem out.

This problem can be addressed by our DevOps as a Service solution.

Dissolve the organizational barriers between engineering and operations, prioritize well-rounded skillsets over-specialization, and promote frequent communications and collaboration between teams.

Using DevOps approach you can gain:

  • Automation that speeds up operations and makes them immune to possible human error
  • Fast response times depending on SLA
  • High availability and monitoring
  • Minimization of the risk of failure
  • Integration with the cloud allowing for quick action regardless of geographical region
  • Immediate access to experienced engineers who will look after your systems from day one

DevOps is a revolution that has been reshaping the IT world for some time. Process automation, elimination of bottlenecks, closely cooperating teams, constant monitoring, focus on security, and repeatability of processes are just a few elements that greatly impact the work culture in every company. However, achieving such a state is not easy. With the constantly increasing demand and decreasing number of specialists, finding the right employees is difficult and costly.

The solution to this problem is our DevOps as Service, which will give you access to experienced professionals who can support you in becoming more agile and faster right from the start.

During our workshops you will find out how we can speed up your teams by:

  • Solution Infrastructure Hosting in both on-prem and/or Azure cloud
  • Solution Rehosting – including customized automation
  • Software deployment using DevOps tools and practices
  • Monitoring and maintenance of both on-prem and cloud-based systems according to best practices
  • Migration of systems to Azure with cost optimization
  • Creating solutions based on serverless

By sharing case studies and giving access to top-class experts, you will walk away with a solid understanding of how to develop a strategy to transform your existing ecosystem.


Day 1: Introduction to DevOps methodology with some brief history and a run-down of its capabilities. Core Services that Azure DevOps provides such as Azure Repos, Azure Boards, Azure Pipelines, Azure Test Plans, and Azure Artifacts.

Day 2: Hands-on practice navigating the Azure DevOps UI and leveraging each of the different services for the first time. Dip dive into the more intermediate-advanced topics in Azure DevOps. The main benefits of TTPSC DevOps as a Service offer together with plans presentation.

Price is estimated, and additional costs like on-site setup, transport, and accommodation of our experts are not included.