Holistic data strategy & ESG reporting (Digital Sustainability Platform): 10-Wk Implementation

Tredence Inc

The Digital Foundation on Azure for Sustainability unleashes ESG insights to ensure regulatory compliance, power initiative progress, and generate long-term profitability.

Develop an end-to-end scalable Sustainability Digital Platform solution on Microsoft Azure across ESG data sources for decision-making, reporting and disclosure applications.

The type of user that benefits from the offer is one with a current ESG technology landscape includes: • Non-compliance • Manual data gathering • Data gaps • Infrequent data updates • Time consuming processes • Approximations

Or a user that is looking for best-in-class data & systems that: • Support current and expected ESG requirements (e.g., SEC climate-related disclosure regulations) • Improve the timeliness and accuracy of ESG reporting • Reduce manual effort of ESG data collection and aggregation activities • Consider current ERP systems and architecture • Provide actionable insights toward achieving ESG goals • Include predictive capabilities
• Standardized DB schema templates backed by Azure Synapse templates

How do we address challenges?

  1. Assist with data definitions: • Identify and recommend ESG specific master data & transaction data requirements • Provide KPI definitions • Determine key fields in line with ESG metrics
  2. Create a holistic data strategy: • Illustrative architecture for ESG reporting • Guidance on data strategy for future-proof ESG reporting • Future readiness analysis
  3. Share best-in-class ESG reporting and recommendations • Assess current state ESG data, systems & processes • Gap analysis and recommendations for elevating to a best-in-class ESG reporting & action driven organization

This implementation uses these native Azure components: • For Logging & Monitoring: Azure Application Insights for Application Performance Monitoring & Azure Logic Apps to create and run automated workflows • Security & Governance: Active Directory & Azure Key Vault • DevOps, CI/CD: Azure Pipelines & Azure Repos • For Insights: Power BI

10-Wk implementation plan: Weeks 1-6: Data definitions Weeks 5-10: Holistic data strategy Weeks 4-10: Best-in-class ESG reporting

Business Outcomes:

  • 3-week reduction in ESG report preparation timing
  • 70% reduction in manual effort for ESG report preparation
  • 100% compliance with standards & regulations
  • 7M pounds compliance in food waste annually
  • 6-12K tons average reduction CO2 emissions