Azure Machine Learning Journey: 9 weeks PoC

Trifork A/S

A highly optimized PoC for companies for identifying machine learning opportunities within your business with the final implementation of your customized model, getting you on the fast track of AI.

Trifork is a certified Microsoft partner who helps you gain first-hand experience with cloud solutions based on best practices, familiarize yourselves with required deployment activities and custom and optimize your machine learning model. Decide yourself whether you want to kickstart your machine learning (ML) journey with a minimum viable model or go full deployment at scale. Trifork will take your team members through the different stages of assessment, acceleration and transformation.

Your Machine Learning Journey with Trifork

  1. Discover Azure Potential Machine Learning
  • Discover Azure Potential serves as a ML overview session. During the assessment Trifork helps you understand ML concepts and identify and qualify potential business problems that can be addressed using ML. Together with your technical team, determine your business goals and know where you can gain new competitive advantages by using ML. Accelerate by identifying potential ML use cases through high level data qualification and receive analysis and recommendations from our side (2-5 days)

2a. Azure Deploy Machine Learning for minimum viable model (MVM)

  • Azure Deploy ML for MVM helps you take the use case identified in Azure Discover from theoretical to practical by developing an ML model. This model built by Trifork will prove the value of the use case and its ML solution to stakeholders prior to investing more in the next phase of build-out. Trifork experts will assist you in performing exploratory data analysis and engineering the right features in an iterative process (6 – 8 weeks)


2b. Full machine learning deployment at scale

  • Skip the MVM model and deploy ML for production. Trifork will assist in operation as well as monitoring with an ongoing approach of optimization (4 weeks)