Sage on Azure Managed Service - 5 day Implementation


Sage on Azure provides Sage’s award-winning accounting software from Microsoft’s Azure cloud.

Microsoft's Azure Cloud offers many benefits for organizations interested in hosting applications there. For Sage specifically, these benefits are numerous and overcome all the limitations of running it on a local server inside your office, especially during and post-COVID.


. Access to Sage from anywhere

. Security, compliance, and redundancy

. No need for a major up-front investment

. Predictable monthly costs

. An infrastructure that scales automatically

Implementing Sage in Azure also frees you from,

. Paying for, managing, and maintaining your own server hardware

. Server electricity, cooling, and maintenance costs

. The risk of losing access to your Sage via load-shedding

. Having to ensure your on-premise hardware

. Worrying that month-end demand will overwhelm your infrastructure

Here is the Sage in Azure options for businesses of various sizes. The size of the business determines how many virtual machines are necessary and how the Sage application is accessed.

. Micro/SOHO enterprises

. Small Enterprises

. Medium to large SMEs

. Mid-Market


. Multiple VMs or a single VM and endpoint app access

. Security and redundancy vs lower cost