Cyber security services


To provide excellent cyber security services

Solutionlab is a highly skilled team of consultants having significant (>5 y) experience in cyber security assessments and practical expertise improving client resilience, etc. Our international experience, as well as its strong presence in Europe, comes with a first-hand access to emerging information and trends concerning actual and upcoming cyber threats. Solutionlab security testing is appropriate for all levels of complexity – from simple security reviews of cloud hosted virtual machines, to deep-dive assessments of cloud-native applications,- for example: Azure Security Baseline Assessment, - Vulnerability/Pen testing, AD & Cloud App/data discovery. Azure Security Strategy, - Business outcome focused security strategy for cloud. Azure Architecture Security - Securing Cloud Configuration & Deployment. Microsoft Office 365 Assessment.

We have done a substantial amount of assessment for many prestigious clients throughout Europe and Asia. Solutionlab gives you an accurate picture of the potential risks you are facing, whether these can come from your native cloud services or interdependent, on-premise hybrid environments with context menu, etc.