New Product Development Workshop by VMware Tanzu Labs

VMware Inc.

Deliver the web, mobile, or cloud-native apps your customers crave. Partner with VMware Tanzu Labs to build custom software on Azure Spring Apps that delights customers and drives revenue.

Jumpstart your company’s custom application development with the VMware Tanzu Labs New Product Development Workshop. In this 2-hour, no-cost facilitated session, we’ll teach you how to get ahead and stay there by building features your users love, mitigating development risk, and going fast. This workshop is designed to introduce you to our collaborative approach, modern development skills, user-centered design, lean practices, and extreme-programming that ultimately produce high-quality software that’s ready for production on Azure faster.

Prior to your workshop, we’ll work with you to identify who from your team should attend. We’ll aim for a small collection of key stakeholders (i.e., architects, platform engineers, networking and security experts, developer operations, application owners) with strong, diverse perspectives on topics relevant to your project. We also recommend involving representatives from business operations who can provide context on their goals and why the initiative is important.

During the workshop, we’ll work closely with your stakeholders to outline our approach to modern application development on Azure Spring Apps.

After the workshop, we’ll provide a summary with our VMware Tanzu Labs recommendations for building new applications and with steps for continuing your journey with VMware Tanzu Labs and Azure Spring Apps.

Customers today are demanding more from their applications than ever before. VMware Tanzu Labs can help you not just meet, but exceed, your customers’ expectations and drive results. Register for our free VMware Tanzu New Product Development Workshop, and take the first step towards building something amazing for your customers.