Azure Paas Security - 1 Week Assessment


This offer aims to provide a better Azure experience by optimizing Azure cloud services at security and performance level.

If you're looking into enhancing security and performance of your IaaS and PaaS services, you're looking into the right offering. The services we provide will discover, analyze and provide a guide to optimize your network and security infrastructure of Azure Resources and PaaS services.

A brief explanation of assessment is described below:

Network Topology

  • Connectivity between Vnets & Subnets
  • Connectivity between On-Premise Resources to Azure Cloud
  • Access to services hosted in Azure Environment
  • User access to the Azure Environment(via SSL VPN and etc.)
  • Rules of Security Groups PaaS Services
  • Application Gateway, Azure Load Balancer, Traffic Manager and CDN configuration regarding services hosted
  • Azure Storage Access and Key Vault Access Configuration
  • Azure Bastion configuration regarding Admin access
  • Azure AD configuration and integration After the discovery of the network and PaaS structure is completed we will offer optimization steps depending on the current setup. The optimization steps will contain:
  • Subnetting and Vnet structure
  • User Authentication and Authorization(including Admin Access, SSL VPN and etc.)
  • WAF configuration regarding Web services
  • Storage Access rules
  • Increasing security of protocols used internally and publicly(including IPsec, HTTPS, SQL and etc.) The time and price of the offering may vary depending on the scale of the infrastructure and used services.